Eat with me

We all love to eat good food and Mmmm it tastes real good! We

know that food is from Allaah so thank Him we should. Now if our

Muslim friends come by and with us take a seat, we should try to

share our food and give them some to eat. Do not keep them

sitting there, looking on in hope. Do not say if they want some, ‘You

can’t have some food, nope!’ That would really not be kind, that

would be quite wrong. You’d really hurt their feelings and they

would not stay for long.

Imagine now how you would feel if you were hungry too. But then

your friends refused to give some yummy food to you! Won’t you

start to feel upset and won’t you feel quite sad? Then you’ll know

how others feel when you do something bad.

Dearest Muslims, always share and better try to be. Allaah will be

pleased with this and give you more, you’ll see! Think of me, my

dear young Muslim, I will think of you. Allaah loves it when we

share and think of others too.

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